Dr. Stephen Hauser, Ph.D.

Dr. HauserDr. Stephen Hauser has taught 20th Century US History, US Government, and World History at Trinity since 2002, with the founding of the High School.

Dr. Hauser holds a B.A. from Carroll College, with majors in History and Political Science, an M.A. and Doctoral Studies from Marquette University in American History, and a Th.D. in Religious Philosophy. He has taught History or Political Science at Marquette University, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Lakeland College, Mt. Senario College, and the University of St. Francis.

Dr. Hauser relies on primary source documents, such as the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, for his texts. He supplements class lecture with readings from historic literature, such as The Vinland Sagas, Plato’s Republic, Homer’s Odyssey, The Mayflower Compact, Sinclair’s The Jungle, and The Life of Frederick Douglass. He is passionate that history is a story, and must be understood with all of the vibrant action and color of a dramatic narrative. He also weaves a sharp political perspective into his historical analysis.

“I always say that I teach my High School classes at Trinity at the same, or even a higher level, as the college courses I teach. The students are already doing college-level work, and some even out score their college counterparts.”