Mrs. Jensy Engle, MA

Mrs. Jensy Engle teaches 6th and 7th grade Math in the Middle School and Geometry and Algebra II in the High School.

Mrs. Engle graduated from St. Olaf College with a math major and a teaching degree.  She worked in the technology field as a systems engineer, programmer and consultant before returning to the education field.  She received a master of Education in Curriculum  and Instruction from Concordia University.  Mrs. Engle has worked with students from kindergarten to high school in a variety of settings.

“I’m delighted to be working with students in Trinity’s nurturing, caring community.  I have always loved math.  I want my students to feel that same enthusiasm.  I enjoy sharing the beauty, structure and diversity of math with the students.  Math illustrates for us that we can use multiple different paths to reach the same correct solution.  It shows us patterns not just in numbers and shapes but in the world around us.  It challenges us to be detectives to solve stimulating problems and puzzles and then provides the personal satisfaction of following a problem to its completion.   We see math all around us in art, music, science and nature.  Math gives us a special way to enjoy the beauty in God’s world.”