Mr. William Erickson, B.Sc.

William EricksonMr. William Erickson teaches Mathematics and Latin in the Middle and High Schools.
Mr. Erickson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the Glynn Family Honors Program at the University of Notre Dame. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mathematics at UW-Milwaukee. He enjoys learning new musical instruments and is co-designer of the recently published strategic board game Quorsum.

“I particularly enjoy introducing advanced high school students to the historical controversy and methods behind calculus in both AP levels. I also make it a goal to stretch my Algebra students’ perception of Mathematics and to lead them to discover the wider and often beautiful picture, from a college perspective, underlying subjects such as the complex number system and linear algebra. In the Latin classroom, I love everything about the language – not at all a dead one – from first training my sixth-graders in grammar, to mining through plays and letters for authentic Latin idioms, to re-reading Vergil’s Aeneid each year with my new AP students.”