Program of Studies

Our Trinity Academy High School curriculum embraces the cross-training of the mind brought forth through the balanced study of Literature, Mathematics, History, Science, Religion, Classics, and Languages. Students are asked to Read, Write, and Converse in all areas of study, and are taught to think independently.

Our Program of Studies (TAHS Program of Studies.2016-17) is specifically designed to give each student the proper number of credits for entrance into college, while offering the most advanced students a deepening in subject matter through our Advanced Placement opportunities.

Our graduates leave Trinity Academy as critical thinkers, competent writers, and strong speakers. They have a self-confidence which is outward looking, and they are ready for higher academics at the college level and beyond.

Twenty-four credits are required for graduation (TAHS Grad Requirements) with equal emphasis on English, Mathematics, Science, History, Languages, and Religion.

AP Offerings: Trinity Academy offers numerous AP classes, including AP English, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Italian, AP Latin, AP Biology, AP US History, AP US Government.

These course offerings reflect the distinctive qualifications of our High School Faculty. 12 Faculty, 11 hold Advanced degrees, 5 hold Doctorates.

Foreign Language and Computers: Four years of Foreign Language are available and expected by competitive colleges. Computer Applications is a required course.