European Travel

The trip of a lifetime!  Trinity Academy has been privileged for the past 20 consecutive years to take students from 8-12th grade on a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Rome, Italy.  The students practice Italian, visit the four holy Basilicas of Rome, climb the stairs of the Colosseum, and eat gelato daily in the stunning Spring sunshine of Ancient Rome.  This annual pilgrimage is offered to Trinity Academy students, faculty, and families as a unique aspect of the Trinity Academy culture and curriculum.

Our faculty, parents, and students walk the winding side streets of Rome daily, shop the magnificent boutiques of Assisi and Orvieto, and enjoy the fountains, piazzas and lively artistic culture of Rome. Prayer in the sacred churches of Rome, history lectures at the Forum, and visits to the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon combine to make this trip a magical and privileged event in the life of a Trinity Academy student.

Everyone returns home changed, strengthened with a deeper understanding of their faith, filled with a magnificent appreciation of this great European city, and grateful for the formation of new and lasting friendships with all the pilgrims.  This trip offers an unparalleled experience of European culture, and it connects students to the very center of Christendom and the roots of Western Civilization.

The trip is led by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, who studied in Rome for six years while obtaining her Licentiate and Doctorate in Sacred Communications at a Pontifical University.  Dr. Elizabeth is fluent in Italian, and she leads the trip with singular insight and knowledge.

The Trinity Academy 2019 Annual Pilgrimage to Rome is scheduled for March 25 to April 5th.  Direct all inquiries to Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell at