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Emergency Contact Form: (Here’s the Form)
This form is required for your child to participate in any field trip and additionally, the parent/student contact information helps us keep our school directory current.

Bus Reimbursement: (Here’s the Form)
It may be possible for you to claim a bus transportation reimbursement, payable to you by your local school district. The districts that reimburse are: Waukesha, Arrowhead, Elmbrook, Pewaukee, and Sussex districts. So that we can follow up on this effectively, please complete the attached form and return this information to the Main Office. Thank you.

Art Fee:
Our yearly Art Fee covers the cost of everything needed in these special classes for your student. The fee is $20.00. The High School fee is applicable only if student plans to enroll in Art elective. Please send payment to the Main Office, with the notation “Art Fee” on the memo line, by Thursday, September 1 st . We look forward to a year of wonderful projects and paintings!

Volunteer Form: (Volunteer Sign Up)
Many events are in need of your help. Volunteering is a great way to be a part of our beautiful community. Sign up today!

Immunization Waiver
State law requires that all students be immunized or have the proper form to waive immunizations signed by one of their parents. These forms are available from your pediatrician. Please bring the forms to the Main Office as soon as possible. If there are delays, it is mandatory that the school submit the list of students without the proper forms to the district attorney’s office for action.

School Directory
Please inform the Main Office of any address, email or phone number changes for your family. Updates will be made to the 2016-2017 School Directory before the start of the school year. Thank you for your help!

Our after school program will be starting when school commences. Please click here for the application form to be completed and returned to school by September 6th.