A Trinity Family Testimony

The Meganck Family

Megank2“What attracted us to Trinity Academy at first was the solid Catholic environment. We knew the minute we walked on campus for an Open House that this was the place for our children, from Kindergarten all the way through High School. We were looking for a school that could teach our children the Catholic faith, to continue the faith and values we attempt to teach at home.

What Trinity delivers, however, is even more! The incomparable curriculum and excellent teachers and staff are a bonus! Nothing can replace the level of comfort knowing our children are in a really good place, not being worried about what they’re being taught or being exposed to things that go against our faith and morals. They are getting a solid education that lacks nothing.

We love the families our children go to school with, and the fact that these are children we like our children being friends with. Our children have gained solid work ethics and a level of maturity, even in Kindergarten, knowing and doing what’s expected – and liking it:) Because they’re in an environment that helps them succeed, they’ve gained the self-confidence to stretch themselves beyond what comes naturally.”

John and Brenda Meganck